Kaiut yoga for expats (English class) in The Hague


Yoga for expats in Leidschenveen (The Hague)

Living abroad can be stressful. A new job, new friends, another culture with people with unfamiliar habits. I have been an expat myself and know from experience what this can be like.

I have a small yoga studio at my home in Leidschenveen, where I can teach up to five people. You will find a safe environment, where you can be yourself, ground yourself and feel at home. The exercises will help you to reduce stress, strengthen and lengthen muscles and to develop better posture. The classes will be taught in English. This is not my mother tongue and therefore the classes will be given in 'easy to follow English'. The class is Kaiut yoga a form of yoga that is suitable for everybody.

A trial class costs 5 euro, please feel welcome.
Kind regards,