Kaiut Yoga for everybody

I have to admit, I was quite skeptical, despite the positive stories of two friends of mine, a mother and, her daughter. As a yoga teacher, I have seen so many different forms of yoga and they all promise to be "the next big thing". Moreover, I also practice pilates and fitness. What could Kaiut Yoga possibly offer me?

I started the eight-day Teacher Training the Concept in the most beautiful yoga space that I have ever seen located in Amsterdam. Fransisco Kaiut, the founder of Kaiut Yoga is a charismatic man and here the alarm bells went off. Perhaps it was all a sales trick?

The development of Kaiut Yoga

Fransisco had accidentally been shot in the hip at the age of six. As a result, he was in constant pain and started looking for ways to deal with that. He became a yoga teacher at age 17 and later became a chiropractor. Based upon these disciplines, he developed his own yoga method which he further elaborated with his chiropractic clients.

I decided to give it a serious chance, to let the poses do their work and to focus on feeling what it offered my body. The poses seemed like the yoga poses I had performed before, but due to the precise alignment and subtle variations within these poses, they felt totally new.

For everyone and every body

It was reassuring to me that an 80-year-old woman participated and also participants who had no yoga experience, in addition to teachers who already offered Kaiut Yoga classes. After all, Kaiut Yoga is for everyone or everybody (depending on how you translate everybody) if you are to believe the Kaiut Yoga slogan.

The first thing I noticed was that my feet and ankles felt different. As if I had new feet and as if I walked differently. After a few days, the pain in my knee, which I had had for years and with which I had learned to live with subsided. At that time I was sold and the method already had me convinced so I already embraced Kaiut Yoga, but my biggest gift was yet to come.

Restrictions and injuries

Francisco told us that you work around your restrictions with many traditional forms of yoga, but that with Kaiut Yoga you really work from these restrictions. "You do that with yin yoga too." said a voice in my head, but I also tried to let go of this thought. I wanted to give this form of yoga a fair chance as if I were doing yoga for the first time.

Francisco explained: "Firstly, you work with the restrictions, such as discomfort in your knee, and only later do you arrive at the injury. Usually, that injury is in a different place than where the restriction was. Often that injury is caused by an accident or fall and often people forget that event. As soon as you arrive at the root cause of the discomfort, the injury, that memory can surface again. By paying attention again to this forgotten place, new neurological pathways can be made in the brain and the injury can heal." I thought it was a good theory.


On day four a memory from high school arose in which I was bullied and three girls kicked me so hard in the tailbone, that I was unable to walk for a few days. I had never experienced this event as very traumatic, I had swallowed my tears, pulled my shoulders back, straightened my back, and "stepped over it." However, a great vulnerability now arose with this memory. I shared this memory with Francisco and during a pose later that day I felt that my tailbone and lower back started to glow. Thanks to the safe environment with dear fellow yogis, I was able to relive the memory, but now from softness and compassion for myself. Two days later I was able to share my story with the group, where I showed emotions in a group setting for the first time in my life. Something I had never dared before. What a life-changing gift.


When I brushed my hair a day later, I heard a loud crack, I felt my shoulder suddenly "fit well." The discomfort that had been there for a few weeks had disappeared and I decided that I had no choice other than to join the Kaiut Yoga fan club. "Resistance is futile." So far I haven't skipped a day practicing at home ever since and I can't wait to teach my first class.

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